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Know Who I Am

Know Who I Am – Richard

Know Who I Am

Know Who I Am – Richard Grant

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Find God – Know God and Be God in expression, for IAM all there is, and so create Heaven on earth.

This book is about how man can heal the world by healing himself. For the world is wthin man.

See Me, know Me, be Me, be thou fulcrum of Thy power.

I live in a Universe of seeming reality, where nothing is ever created – there are no two things in the Universe.

The real Universe is within my own consciousness of WHO I  AM, and is expresssed out there as a clear expression of my imaginings.

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‘Know Who I Am’ Richard Grant Print Book International $15.00  USD  Includes Postage


‘Know Who I Am’ Ebook Richard Grant $5.00 USD

One Comment

  1. Grace Jane says:

    Hi! Richard, have just accessed your web page and am very impressed. Have watched a couple of videos and realise that what you are saying, is all part of your Walter Russell following. You do put it over very well and have a marvellous memory. Keep up the good work, as it is not something that can be absorbed overnight. It has to sink in slowly!

    Have watched your American tour on Walter Russell video. Great!

    Cheers Grace x

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