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In sight

The visible universe of apparent motion is but a reflection of Richards senses putting a story to My imaginings. And he has powered those stories with his fear based beliefs.

My Senses

It is Richards senses thar power this illusionary visible universe of apparent motion.

Global Warming

My Ego – Video by Richard Grant

Richard Grant on ‘My Ego’ – Video

In 2007 I produced this video on ‘My Ego’

Swannanoa Oneheart – Richard Grant speaks about Universal Law

Richard Grant on Walter Russell’s Teachings

I visited Swannanoe Oneheart, Walter Russell’s former home and addressed a large audience of students of philosophy on Russell’s teachings.


Testing – Richard Grant


Healthy Consciousness – Richard Grant

Healthy Consciousness

How a Jet Engine Works

How a Jet Engine Works

Richard Grant’s Three Books in Print

 Now – Three Books in the Series by Richard Grant

'Nothing Matters - Live Every Moment' Richard Grant

‘Nothing Matters – Live Every Moment’ Richard Grant









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Give It No Thought - Richard Grant

Richard Grant – ‘Give It No Thought – Know the Cause’








Know Who I Am

Know Who I Am – Richard Grant









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 I Am All There Is – Richard Grant

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Know Who I Am

Healing Consciousness

Inner Thinking – Video with Richard Grant

My Introduction – Video with Richard Grant

The Awakening – Video with Richard Grant