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As far back as I can remember I have had a burning desire to know ‘but why’ this is so.  Being a Scorpio has accentuated this intentness.  It was on the death of our son in 1986 that I had a major shift in my consciousness,  I was fifty seven years of age, in very poor health, with bleeding bowels, hiatus hernia, constipation, heavy smoker, a very bad back, prostrate problems, plus problems with our marriage.  After a lot of soul searching, I found the answer was within my own self, it was like being born again.

I had tried over many years to give up smoking without any success, it was at this point that I realized it was not the smoking that was the problem, in fact smoking had nothing to do with the problem at all, it was only the symptom (effect) of what I was telling myself that I felt or needed a smoke.  So I just stopped telling mysef that I needed a smoke, within one week I was unable to smoke.  So I applied this principal to my ailments, I had a belief that heavy lifting caused my back problems, when in actual fact it was my belief that this was so, by not giving any thought and particularly not verbalizing the thought, I no longer have a problem with my back, the same as when I stopped giving thought and verbalizing the thought that I needed glasses to read with, now at the age of eighty I no longer need glasses to read with.

So over the years I have practiced giving no thought to anything out there, where nothing matters, realizing that what I was seeing was a clear reflection of my own consciousness.  Knowing that every thing that is, is of every thing that is. where everything starts with self, and finishes with ones own self. there being no two things in the universe.  Having elimminated all my symptoms in the body without doctors, diet, exercise or pills, I now enjoy excellent health. The most amazing thing of all is my clarity of mind, and the ammount of energy that I have.

My most recent shift in consciousness has been the awakening to the dream, realizing there is no such thing as ego, forgiveness, perceptions and such, for they all belong to the dream.  with this realization, I now see the material world as a clear reflection of my consciousness.  I now see the difference between perception and reflection.  True perception (reflection) changes the reflection, not the condition.  I now know and understand when Jesus said, ‘Even the least of you can do as I have done, and much more,’

So now when I look out into the material world and see any trauma, I know it is my own karma that I have experienced in the past and have never let go, and is still part of my consciousness, this karma will always be fear based.  With no ego to contend with there can only be two issues that I need to deal with, fear and love.  For me to change the world or the behavior of any person out there I only have to change the reflection of what I see from within my own consciousness giving no thought or attention  or verbalising what appears out there.

What has helped me enormously was the discovery of the Walter Russell philosophy in 1995, I am not a christian, but got a lot from the Sermon On The Mount, and the Beatitudes, by applying these two together, I found the home study course (HSC) of Universal Law And Natural Science to be infallible in every way. All the Russell books are now my bibles.  Looking back in hindsight to my life I now know all the traumas and suffering were my greatest blessings, where in actual fact there is no good or bad in all creation, it’s only the belief there is.

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  1. Art Drentlau says:

    Send me an e-mail Namaste! Art

  2. Alan says:

    Hello again Richard,

    you have certainly put the power of positive thought into your created reality. I too try to live by the principle taught by Walter Russell and I hope to bring his teachings to a wider audience.
    I feel very close to him and find I can communicate with him in my own way as he guides my writing hand. My hand writing often changes as a result !!!

    Chat soon I hope…..alan

  3. Jerry says:

    Hi Richard, a friend who is also very interested in Russell posted me you link, delighted to see you in the vids explain your inspired message, also have your book ‘know who I am’. I have all of Russells workand am on unit 3 at the mo, my friend Frank has read it all. I think we are both at the ‘trying to work it all out’ stage, ht e technical side is a bit daunting, I have just got to the bit where he describes the 6 3 sided pyramids making a cube etc – would be wonderful to have a skype tel. call with you if that is poss, or ordinary call, we pay our end of course (we live in UK) to talk about Russell and living. (We have also read Conversations with God, Ekchart Tolle etc thanks… I would like to leave you with this lovely 10 minute vid from Scott Kiloby that inspires me greatly –

  4. Orion Nebula says:

    Thanks for sharing Richard. This was an awesome read. I enjoy your FB posts and look forward to more expressions of the great Walter Russell .

  5. Lea Pustetto says:

    Hi. Richard. Are you located in sydney. I am . Could i ring you one time to discus nothing. Thanks.

  6. Janie Martin says:

    Hello Richard:
    I learned about you from coming across Alan Hayes website.
    I too read The Man Who tapped the secrets of the Universe and visited the place. I am soon to be 76 and have studied Metaphysics since age 10. I always seemed to understand the meaning of existence and it is really very simple.
    I only came to Austraila once to sing there in Perth.
    Janie Martin

  7. Lela Guzman says:

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    1. richard says:

      Thank you Lila, for your comments I will follow through with what you suggest, Regards Richard

  8. Paul says:

    Hi Richard. Tried emailing you and did not receive a response. Thought I would try this way. Did your email address change?

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