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Richard Grant - author of 'Nothing Matters' and 'Give It No Thought'
Richard Grant – author of ‘Nothing Matters’ and ‘Give It No Thought’

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There is no such thing as sickness, which is mind in motion. Stop the motion by stopping the thought of sickness. The mind centers the motion.
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Living – Flying over the Gold Coast in Queensland

This is Doreen and I flying over the Gold Coast in Queensland. I think we are celebrating our 75th birthday, we’re both the same age. We both just love flying.

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An Interview with Richard Grant

This is an interview that took place in October 2008 given by the administrator, Justin and myself, Richard Grant.

Having No Thought

God is no thing ———– God is no body
I Am no thing  ———— I Am no body
But if I was a sparrow in the field with no thought, I would be everybody and everything.  For me to be somebody, I need to be nobody.
Thoughts use words to create things, thoughts create judgment, which lead to beliefs, all having a fear base, which lowers the frequency of the vibrations thus blocking the flow and not allowing life to flow freely.  Living this way uses up a lot of energy, which needs replacing.  This is a path of self destruction.  So have no thought, for thoughts are things,  thought is matter in motion.

To give some thing thought is to give it power to manifest, if I notice the weeds in the garden, I give them power to grow faster. or about your body what you will wear.  He (Jesus) also said that thoughts are much more powerful than the actions of those thoughts.  For they are the primary sin of separation. Thoughts set energy in motion,where in actual fact there is no motion.  So if I give no thought to person place or thing, this enables me to stay living in the moment where everything is happening and unhappening at once. (more…)

Steven Hairfield – Lobsang Rampha

This man met Lobsang Rampha, in India, and explains how the law of attraction works