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Global Warming

My Ego – Video by Richard Grant

Richard Grant on ‘My Ego’ – Video

In 2007 I produced this video on ‘My Ego’

Swannanoa Oneheart – Richard Grant speaks about Universal Law

Richard Grant on Walter Russell’s Teachings

I visited Swannanoe Oneheart, Walter Russell’s former home and addressed a large audience of students of philosophy on Russell’s teachings.


Testing – Richard Grant


Healthy Consciousness – Richard Grant

Healthy Consciousness

How a Jet Engine Works

How a Jet Engine Works

Richard Grant’s Three Books in Print

 Now – Three Books in the Series by Richard Grant

'Nothing Matters - Live Every Moment' Richard Grant

‘Nothing Matters – Live Every Moment’ Richard Grant









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Give It No Thought - Richard Grant

Richard Grant – ‘Give It No Thought – Know the Cause’








Know Who I Am

Know Who I Am – Richard Grant









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 I Am All There Is – Richard Grant

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Know Who I Am

Healing Consciousness