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My Ego – Video by Richard Grant

Richard Grant on ‘My Ego’ – Video

In 2007 I produced this video on ‘My Ego’

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  1. Patricia says:

    I really enyjoed the article. I am a veteran of Biltmore. I have been many times and have done most of the tours, several times, because everytime I go, they have opened up more of the house. I was there two years ago and one of the guides told me that if I went on the Behind the Scenes tour, the Roof Top tour and the Regular House tour, I would see 94% of the house. Biltmore Estate is a Wonder and Everyone should Experience it at least once. George had a Vision and once you travel down the Approach Road and see the Biltmore House, it will give you Goosebumps. From the research I’ve done, The decendents of the Vanderbilts, the Cecils, are in the process and have been in the process of restoring the house to it original Decor when George opened it up to his house to his Family, Christmas Eve, 1895. For a Truly Special Trip to Biltmore, Plan to go during the Candlelight Christmas Evenings at Biltmore beginning early November through January. Seeing the house as it was when he opened it to his family is just amazing. Its a totally different Experience seeing it at night, than seeing it during the day, especially inside the house with all the Fireplaces Roaring, Christmas Decorations, and music filling the entire house. I plan my trip to arrive Friday. I make reservations to Dine at one of the on-site Restaraunts that evening, then take the Candlelight tour. Saturday morning, I head back to the Estate for a Full Day of walking the Estate and seeing more of the House. I would also encourgage you to take some of the tours as well. There is a lot to see and Biltmore also has lots of things to do. The Stable House has been turned into Gift Shops and a Restaraunt. So much to see and do. Make plans to go. Thinking about it makes me want to head back. Enjoy!

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