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Testing – Richard Grant



  1. karen swain says:

    Hey Richard want to come on sydney radio and talk about your story?
    let me know
    thanks KS

  2. chris mayville says:

    You are a true Russellian Sir.
    I AM listening

  3. Kevin says:

    Mr. Grant. I just ordered two of your books from Amazon US; “Give It No Thought” and “Know Who I Am”. Your third book was out of stock or I would have ordered it as well. I should be receiving the books in about a week. Anyway, I recently started studying the works of Neville Goddard and you both speak of some of the same things. I would very much like to be in the same state of consciousness as you. I’m 51 years old and have been studying things of this nature for a very long time, since my early 20’s and have acquired much information but zero ability in applying any of it. I guess it’s my own fault. I sort of became addicted to the search and never put anything into practice. I’m certain of the truth of the things of which you speak and am ready to start practicing. You might find it interesting to know that I live about 10 minutes from Walter Russell’s old home at Swananoah atop the Blue Ridge Mountains here in central Virginia in the US. I visited his home about 20 years ago after it had been converted into a museum showcasing his sculptures, etc. The museum has since closed and I don’t know who owns the property now. Anyway, I read 2 of his books long ago and don’t remember much of the content. This past year has been difficult for me. I’ve obviously created a lot of bad things in my life and desperately need to wake up, take responsibilty and set things right. In February of this year, 2012, I had 6 inches of my sigmoid colon removed due to Diverticulitis. One month later, my wife left me. Two months after that I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed. I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture. I’m still having problems with illness and am tired of being trapped in fear and negativity. I look forward to reading your books and would like to thank you for sharing your wisdom and what you have learned with the world. If you have any advice you might be interested in sharing with me I’d love to hear it. If not, then I’ll just wait for your books to arrive. Thank you, sir. With utmost respect, Kevin.

    1. Deb says:

      Look within yourself, all the answers you look for are there. You are all there is, you are me typing these words right now. Ask yourself. —“Who is it that is aware that I am thinking?” -Jim Carrey

  4. alise says:

    Hi Richard,
    Check out the books of Ray Morose……
    Mind of Consciousness.
    Source Code of Existence and
    Experiential Christianity.
    profound stuff! Cheers Alise

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