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Richard Grant - author of 'Nothing Matters' and 'Give It No Thought'
Richard Grant – author of ‘Nothing Matters’ and ‘Give It No Thought’

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There is no such thing as sickness, which is mind in motion. Stop the motion by stopping the thought of sickness. The mind centers the motion.
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  1. Timeforthepresent says:

    Can I get a copy of Give It No Thought in America? The PayPal account appears to be not working/closed.

    1. richard says:

      Send me an email and I will send a book

  2. Calvin says:

    Hi, I see the pay pal link is down for to purchase
    you book “give it no thought”. How could I get
    a copy.

  3. grace says:

    merci! how do I send you an email? I found your site by typing
    “no thought” but I haven’t stopped thinking about what I read on it! ~grace

  4. June Willey says:

    Dear Richard Grant,

    A friend of mine who recently met you [Peter Shea] gave me your website. I wish to purchase your books, but there was no way on your website as Paypal was no longer working, and the advice was to contact seller. Please send me your email or phone number so that I may purchase your books. Thank-you.
    June Willey.

  5. June Willey says:

    Dear Richard,

    Will you please send me your email address.


  6. June says:

    Re Website article. I believe I understand something of what you mean where you are saying hose out the mind and replenish it with only the highest and purest inner thinking. I saw an acqaintance whom I knew had the appearance of many problems, Celiac disease being one of them. As she walked towards me I wondered how anyone who appeared so pale and bloodless could look so absolutely beautiful. I believe in that instance I saw her as she truly was in her untouched by the world of thought innocent beauty. But it was not something I tried to do, it just happened and wish I could remain consistent in it and see all as it truly is.

  7. June says:

    Many years ago I spent sometime at a Yoga Ashram. One day I noticed that a little canary who sang so beautifully at the Sat-Sangs was bleeding around it’s beak and head. In my ignorance of giving it no thought, I approached the Guru with this information. She gave me a ‘look’ calculated to shrivel me to nothingness. The next day she informed me that the bird had died, with another “Look” which seemed to communicate to me that it was my fault. I puzzled with this for years. “How could this be”? I was unaware then that thinking empowers it, and as you say. It is amazing how things don’t happen when I give them no attention [No thought] When I give no thought to the reflection..

  8. wendy says:

    Hi June,
    Thank you for sharing your experience – doors open to a new understanding in so many different ways . Your sharing has allowed another door to open or petal to unfold for me.

    in love and light Wendy

  9. Paul says:

    I just ordered both books, and I am really excited to receive them. Do you have an email address that you give out?

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