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An Interview with Richard Grant

This is an interview that took place in October 2008 given by the administrator, Justin and myself, Richard Grant.


  1. shiann says:

    Extremely insightful interview. I enjoyed it immensely. I fairly recently “discovered” Walter Russell and have been profoundly affected by its ring of truth. I had been a serious “seeker” for more than a decade but longed for a deeper understanding of how the universe worked. I’d read hundreds of books and had had numerous epiphanies from those readings regarding the thought basis of all things. I’d also been aware of theories pertaining to the holographic universe for a quite some time. Like many new-age thinking people, I’d heard that everything is maya/illusion and that we are all one. Yet, what did this really mean? I was still unclear on the concept. What was the dynamic? How?

    The Walter Russell cosmogyny lead me to profound understandings about ultimate cause and effect and the Mind nature of the universe. I don’t know how I stumbled upon his writings but I’m sure it was no accident. Now, I am truly beginning to grasp how thought and light generate the material world, and how it “refolds” back to its source for reborning. I now truly understand why the circle is the archetypal symbol of eternal life. I’m sure that if current scientific thought were to give these theories serious consideration, our technology would change overnight with astounding and marvelous inventions. We are so behind. Perhaps this is not the right time, however, because more spiritual growth needs to be achieved. But, like you, I do believe the world is in the process of positive and wonderful change, despite appearances. There must be balance and the pendulum has to swing the other way.

    Also, I would like to purchase your books but do not see where they are sold. Please advise.

    Thanks for an enlightening and inspiring dialogue. I look forward to reading your books.

  2. marika braak says:

    we live in a mirror imaged thaought wave universe where we make believe that which we choose to experience we then believe what we have created is real……………………..well real or unreal it was wonderful to experience the essence of souls connecting where real or unreal felt one our god selves

  3. Kim K says:

    Very helpful and quite exciting…..I also loved the animals sneaking in. Thank you Richard & Justin & Furry Friends.

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