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The Law Of Attraction

The law of the creators desire to express, gets it power from the driving force of, ‘Like seeking like’.  This applies to all levels of creation, from the microscopic to the universes.  For me to understand fully the difference how this law works on the outer material world,  to the inner spiritual world, is extremely important.

Creating with the law of attraction on the outer will always create the opposite of intent, if I give thoughts  and affirmations to my wants and needs, I will attain many possessions of the so called good things in life,  a balancing must take place on the inner, so what I get on the outer I create a lack on the inner, which creates poverty consciousness within ones own self and in the material world.

Working at this level there is no amount of attracting will ever fill the lack created within.  This law will aways have a fear base of not having enough.  Also it requires energy, so the body must be kept in good condition by good food and exercise, this also takes time and energy.

The end result to end up still lacking within.  This has a domino effect in the material world as my consciousness is reflected from within me, to out there, creating poverty consciousness in the masses.  Also when I verbalize on the things I don’t want in my life, and am very sure what they are, I will end up getting more of the same things I don’t want.  What I resist persists.


  1. grace says:

    I think of “that which I withhold is what will be withheld from me.” When I avoid I create a void, as within so without. indeed, that which I resist persists!

  2. Very nice article, exactly what I was looking for.

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