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Having No Thought

God is no thing ———– God is no body
I Am no thing  ———— I Am no body
But if I was a sparrow in the field with no thought, I would be everybody and everything.  For me to be somebody, I need to be nobody.
Thoughts use words to create things, thoughts create judgment, which lead to beliefs, all having a fear base, which lowers the frequency of the vibrations thus blocking the flow and not allowing life to flow freely.  Living this way uses up a lot of energy, which needs replacing.  This is a path of self destruction.  So have no thought, for thoughts are things,  thought is matter in motion.

To give some thing thought is to give it power to manifest, if I notice the weeds in the garden, I give them power to grow faster. or about your body what you will wear.  He (Jesus) also said that thoughts are much more powerful than the actions of those thoughts.  For they are the primary sin of separation. Thoughts set energy in motion,where in actual fact there is no motion.  So if I give no thought to person place or thing, this enables me to stay living in the moment where everything is happening and unhappening at once.

The teaching of Jesus keeps coming into my life, to me it seems sad that we as a consciousness took the message, crucified the messenger and called ourselves piously Christians.  Having slain the messenger we now glorified him and started the greatest personality cult in history of mankind and called it Christianity.  We filed the message away and now worship the messenger instead, even send ‘missionaries’ out into the four corners of the cellar and continue playing hard done by , remaining in the cellar.

Now who is really “crackers’.?     In applying these principals to my life, I overcome the need to wear glasses, just by being aware of what I was telling myself.  What would happen,  I would go to read something, then start looking for my glasses, telling myself how much I needed them to read, putting them on and saying to myself, that’s better I can see now, so I stopped saying anything, just finding the glasses and putting them on, having no thought to what I was doing, just putting them on.

I gave up smoking the same way, I found smoking was not my problem it was what I was telling myself, if I felt like a smoke, giving no thought or verbalizing that thought the need to smoke at all, but continuing to smoke regardless,  in a very short time I found I never felt like a smoke, so stopped smoking altogether within one week, knowing I would never smoke again.

I choose never to wear sun glasses allowing my eyes to adjust to any glare out there of there own accord.   The same with sun cancer, it’s not the sun that causes the cancer its the belief that the sun creates it.  My thoughts interfere with the flow of life.  By giving no thought to anything allows my true self to shine through and allow my life to flow freely.

I now know that thoughts set up a belief systems, which will always have a fear base, what causes this fear at a deep level is I separate myself from the Oneness, I go into duality.  At this level I use up a lot of energy, my vibrations change and I operate at a lower frequency level, this is back to living in duality.  Where I self destruct, which in turn makes me very receptive to catching illnesesss coming from the mass thought consciousness,  which believes sun causes skin cancer, heavy lifting causes back problems, mosquitoes to sting, it’s the fear of starving to death that kills, not the lack of food.  The two basic issues I need to deal with are, fear and love.

Knowing all this, it is now easy to see how all the symptoms in the body are manifested, by knowing what caused them in the first place, for man may know cause but never understand effect.  So it’s important to deal with them at the conscious level, where they will not occur again. It seems to me now what thoughts actually do is change my vibrations to a lower frequency, this in turn destroys my immune system, allowing toxins to build up in my body, which in turn blocks the flow of life.  So it is futile to try and fix the symptoms,

The most important and direct reason why mankind should comprehend the way the creator works in this respect, is because this book is written to demonstrate that man cannot violate God’s orderly, rhythmic process of Nature without paying a price which is equal in measure to the violation.

I visited my friend Evelyn who had moved to a new area to live.  She was telling me one of the main attractions of the area was the abundant supply of fresh food markets held every weekend.  I pondered this as to why she could not see that need for fresh vegies was still a part of her life, I thought she had woken up to the fact that
the need for a good diet of fresh food created a lack within,  but no, it was me who hadn’t woken up, another example of the ‘mirror, mirror on the wall reflecting all’.  I now know not only must I clean my body as part of my daily routine, even more so I should ‘hose out’ my mind on a daily basis, replenish it with the highest and purist thoughts of inner thinking.

This is the beauty of recognizing oneself in the reflection, for it’s a wonderful means of letting go and voiding the cycle.  The most potent toxin I can ingest into my body, are fear – anger -frustration and the likes.  If I put a lot of emotion and thought with these, I create a very strong force, which creates blockages that restrict the flow of life and so destroy the body

To give thought to a good diet is to give it power, which creates a fear within. This in turn drains my energy which in turn alters my vibrations. to express who I truly am, I now know the food I must partake of comes from within my Beingness, this is good thinking and good living, as Jesus said I have food you not know of .  This principal applies to any person place or thing.  The result of doing this is a reversal of the flow of energy through my body, allowing it to express  more fully who I am. There is much more to be got from within oneself than from without.  As I create with the power of my imagination, which means I have more to give, and re give.

My body of itself has no needs or wants, so if I let it express which I have already created within, without thought,  reason, or purpose, life seems to flow more freely, where I have a clarity of mind, and minimal of mind chatter.  I feel I am here this lifetime not so much to enjoy the abundance – but to give and re give of that abundance coming from within.

It is amazing how things don’t happen in my life when I give them no attention (no thought).  When I give no thought to the reflection, realizing what I am seeing is an aspect of my own self, (which has got nothing to do with the person out there) but is
an issue that I need to deal with at an inner level where the cause is.  At this level I can deal with it so that it doesn’t occur again.

My body is inanimate, all the organs in my body are vibrations reflecting  my consciousness this includes the heart – chakras – DNA etc, they have no substance  of themselves.  This body has never lived, therefor it can never die, the spirit lives on.         Therefore this means the body of itself can have no feelings or discomfort. It is animated by my consciousness and is a reflection of my state of mind.  Whatever state my consciousness is experiencing will be reflected in the physicality of my body.

This also applies to everything else I see ‘out there’,  if the light is shining brightly from within me it lights up everything out there, the same thing applies if I  am feeling down the world out there is down.  I take full responsibility to  everything that is happening in the universe which is inanimate,  having no life at all – no energy, it is only a reflection of Mind, God in motion.  It is un- happening as fast as it happens, in the Oneness of all. There is only one energy force in creation and that is mind.  There is no past or future, only the here and now.  Eternity is now.

As I chop wood and carry water (which I call my daily chores)without rhythm or reason, giving it no thought, or purpose but expressing my action with joy and ecstasy I seem to to have an unlimited amount of energy.  To me this is the giving and re giving of love, where I seem to have an unlimited amount to give without attachment.  To me this is a true state of Being, which is to Be and not to have.  The concept of have was established by survival thinking in opposition to the natural state of Being.  To have means to be incomplete.  Only a state of incompleteness can feel want.  To live a life where fear and lack are experienced in any way is but death by degree.

When I feed my body on the desires outside myself, such as love of another, or the joy of a new car, thinking that the joy comes from these.  I create a big hole of lack within myself.  Which breeds fear, frustration, which is far worse than any food that I might ingest.  Particularly when I add emotion (energy in motion) to it.  The beauty I see in the rose is not in the rose but a reflection of the beauty within me.  All the good things in life come from within me in the Oneness of it all.  I must live inside out, and see with inner eyes.

For so long I have been blind and could not see, now that I have awakened to the dream,  I now can see where the truth is setting me free. So much of what Yeshua spoke about in The Sermon On The Mount, referring to the surrender of possessions as a prerogative to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, I sadly misunderstood: I thought   they were material possessions, and money.  The possessions in question are my
fears and belief systems which oppose the Truth.  Fear is the major ‘possession I am reluctant to give up.

For its these fears and beliefs are the cause that create a lack within.  Living in the here and now I must always look for the cause of what is happening, never at the effect.  To have no attachment to what I have created allows my life to flow freely, for me to have anything in this life is all to do with hanging on, which has a fear base.  Thoughts that are fear based, have a greater potential to manifest than otherwise.  So the less thought I give those fears the less power they have, so, ‘give it no thought’, for  nothing matters.

I now know that it is impossible for any man to know or understand any person, place or thing, or the effect world out there (the material world).  Therefore it is impossible to fix problems out there. First I must know myself, and look to cause from within, and change it from there. If I see something different ‘out there’ and I don’t like it, or would lik


  1. Sandra says:

    Dear Richard,

    I am the lady you spoke to and told me to go to your website on the telephone today. I found it very interesting and I would like to make a comment relating to the above. Your friend (and now mine) Rita brought through a beautiful message for me from the Holy Spirit. It related to my body which has been overweight for a very long time. It told me that the fat was comprised of many, many years (perhaps lifetimes) of critical thoughts about myself (particularly my body) and that I should stand in front of the mirror in my natural state and look without judgment at my innocent, pure body and each time I had a thought that was critical of that, I should replace it with a thought about the innocence and purity of my body which has served me for sixty-five years, breathed for me, helped my heart to beat and carried me around. The Holy Spirit told me that I should eat what I liked, when I liked without judgment and without ‘believing’ that certain foods were fattening, bad, etc; that I should use a special plate and knife and fork and eat quietly with the Holy Spirit for company and not read or watch television if I was alone but rather focus on the act of eating.

    I am doing much of this at the moment but it is only a few days since I received the advice, so a little too soon for a noticeable change.


    Sandra Ross-Munro

  2. grace says:

    truth. pure truth.

  3. eve says:

    Hello Richard:

    I was reading the above article “Having No Thought”. It cut off at the end. Where can I go to read the entire article.

    Let me know! I really enjoyed the article.


  4. amrinder1m says:

    hello richard ,
    today i bought your ebook , can you tell me how i can download it ?

  5. chukwuebuka says:


  6. roger says:

    what an ongoing joy and delight to stumble into your little van the other night
    your “prescence” sings along with me as i dance on this wondrous stage
    did we really meet
    or are we already met
    or are we meeting as i write
    who cares?
    i have shared our meeting with all kinds of people {and even patients…. i am a dentist] i feel so BLESSED to have you in this life
    the light in your eyes is surely the light if life itself
    thankyou for your awakening and sharing it in this wonderful illusion of duality

  7. Kim K says:

    This really is as simple as it sounds….the key seems to be forming a new belief system with sincere feeling and belief. Thank you Richard.

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